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CEREBRUM - GGJ 2018 Assets

The images I worked on during GGJ. It was my first one with a team and while game-wise we didn't have a lot, we did a lot of pictures. These are some of them.

The idea behind the game is that a witch, after saving a town, got cursed, and must prepare some concotion to protect herself every 3 days or so. She uses her mind-reading powers to get what she wants either through manipulation, helping people with their problems or negotiating.

Debora moreira forest sleep crow full

Forest, after she wakes up.

Debora moreira forest sleep book detail

Inside the Book.

Debora moreira bg forest

Forest during the day.

Debora moreira map day

Map day.

Debora moreira map night

Map night.

Debora moreira harpy skull

Inside the head of one of the characters.

Debora moreira intro 1 s

First intro picture.

Debora moreira intro 2

Second intro picture.

Debora moreira intro 3

Third intro picture.